Round Robin D&D

Douven's Rescue

The PCs gain a new ally and set out in search of the Missing Explorer, Douven Stahl.  Along the road they are ambushe d by yet another group of kobolds, which are easily dispatched by the careful cooperation of the party's warriors.  One of the kobolds that is killed has a symbol of Orcus around his neck, suggesting a commitment to something greater than the usual kobold marauding.  The party continues on to the burial site and find that it is being extensively excavated by a group of humans, a halfling, elf, overseen by a gnome.  The party comes closer to examine the digging and are attacked.  After a long fight in the pit, the gnome tries to escape and nearly kill the captive Stahl, but is thwarted thanks to a heroic effort by Halthor the Halfling.   Stahl claims the diggers were rather excited about the potential value of an ancient mirror they unearthed from the site. 

The party returns Stahl to Piebald Bluff.  They find that Lord Padraig has become hostile to the group's investigation of Gregg the Guard.   He seems intent on diverting them and offers a reward to clear out the nearby Kobold Lair.  Further investigation about the mirror and necklace suggests that there may be a cult operating in the area, though it is not yet certain where or in what capacity.  The parties take rooms for the night at the inn and prepare for their expedition into the kobold caves.


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