Erelon Allivian


STR 10, CON 14, DEX 15, INT 20, WIS 14, CHA 11

AC 24, FORT 19, REF 22, WILL 22, 60 HP

+11 Initiative, Speed 6

22 Passive Insight

22 Passive Perception



Erelon is light skinned, with light golden hair and bright violet eyes (typical Eladrin).

He is thoughtful and reserved (again, like many Eladrin).

Erelon was born and raised in the feywild not too far from Piebald Bluff. He has spent his entire life learning and studying. While he knows there is much left to learn in his homeland, he is practical enough to realize that his people don't know everything. He feels he can help them by traveling and learning new things from the outside world. So his current quest is to explore and learn from non-Eladrin. And of course to improve his magic skills. And finding phat lewtz doesn't hurt either, although it's certainly not his primary goal.

And despite being an Eladrin, he's far more Elf-like than Cedric Brahim will ever be. 


Erelon Allivian

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