Cedric Brahim

Foundling Dwarf raised by Elves.


Cedric Brahim

Level 1 Fighter

Hp: 32

AC w/ Shield: 20

Defenses:   Fort: 15

Ref: 12 

Will: 12

Insight/Perception: 12

Initiative: 0

Speed: 5 



  • Genial, clean shaven, shoulder length, slightly wavy Auburn hair, stone grey eyes, tanned.
  • Foundling raised by Elves, and considers himself an Elf.
  • Gets very testy if he is called short, or a Dwarf, sees himself as merely an aberrant Elf
  • Raised to be a defender of his home land and so specializes in defensives maneuvers. 
  • Wants to bring honor and glory to his Elven homeland, and maybe find a nice woman to settle down with.
  • No real enemies other than those who are enemies of the woods he calls home.



Cedric Brahim

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